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We provide information technology consultant services and specialized consultants covering all technological needs We strive to continue to adapt to technological developments and businesses that continue to move dynamically, to provide the best solutions for customers and value-added in our business.

We help you to grow your business through IT Consulting Services and Planning Supervisors.
- IT consulting services such as the development and optimization of information technology systems so as to help improve the performance and effectiveness of a company or agency include:

  * Provide Recommendation needs and get the concept of reference in order to meet the implementation of the required equipment.

  * Provide a review of the functions and benefits of an equipment

  * Provide a Work Plan and Conditions covering general, administrative and technical requirements of goods inspection

  * Provide a Budget Plan

  * Provide Recommendation Report

  * Giving Specification of Goods

  * Provide and recommend HPS

  * Provide recommendations of the Technical Qualification Requirements of the Executing Company

  * Provide a recommendation of a Company with an Official Agency Letter

- Design and installation of computer network (wired and / or wireless / wireless)
- Making software and website
- Graphic design and printing
- Technical training in computer field