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PT . Infinite Smart Solution is experienced in software development, IT Consultancy, develop networking with IT Big companies, including ERP Solutions and System Integration, which places the company in the position to deliver best of bred products and solutions to its customers without high costs of doing business.

At Infinite, we understand requests and needs. We focus on providing strategic information solutions to serve customers such as multimedia solutions, website solutions, e-business solutions, hardware and networking and we have Qualified and Experienced IT professionals


Village Management Application (Aplikasi Manajemen desa - AMD) is a group of interconnected subsystems, forming one unit interacting and collaborating between parts of one another to perform data processing functions, accept input  in the form of data, then process it  and issue output (output) in the form of information to support operational and managerial activities in the data system in the village / kelurahan. Complete and Fulfilling Needs, AMD works by processing population databases of more than 30 village/kelurahan administrative needs because they are equipped with databases and processing parts that are able to process data well to meet all information needs easily so as to facilitate monitoring of village / kelurahan governance.  This product is used by the State Ministry State Minister for Acceleration Development Backward Regions)- Kementerian Negara Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal (PDT)to be used for management of village offices in the border region.



Inventory Information System is created with a multi-user system that allows accessing information systems by several different users at a time.

The system is designed with a reliable security system in which each user level is set in a different scope of work based on the authorization sequence. This package is available for companies that have more than one warehouse, available menus, stock items, entry goods, consignment of incoming goods returns, transfer of goods between locations, Debt and Receivables, reports.

This product used by one of the major Ground handling companies in Indonesia, PT. Gapura Angkasa for warehousing management.

Hospital Information System. SIMRS Web Version is a Web-based software, which was developed to handle the Administration System (Bussiness Process) and Medical Records (Medical Records) which is a Hospital Management Information System (SIMRS).

This system is a fairly complete system of solutions for Hospital Services, which treats patients in several departments to dozens of departments with diverse activities. Starting from patients entering outpatient services, hospitalization with many departments, cross-departmental patient consultations, caring for patients with several departments, patient transfers between departments and until the patient returns home.

The same is true for doctors and staff, which are divided into several departments. Identification system for attendance and patients can use a Medication Card.

The application runs well on all Operating Systems (Multi Platform Operating Systems) such as Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh, including Tablet PCs and Mobile Phones. Accommodating the System for Automatic Backup between Servers (Redundant System), Accommodating the System for the Process of Sharing Workloads between Servers (Parallel Computing), Accommodating the Process System pooling data in the Cloud Service System so that it can be accessed anywhere, and support Computing moves with utilization of internet media communication services.

Point Of Sale  (POS) Software of Restaurants and beauty saloon

This POS is software created by PT. Infinite Smart Solution whose working principle is to help restaurant management and beauty salons

Hotel Management System

The system is designed to make it easier for all relevant departments starting from Front Office, Housekeeping, Restaurant, Kitchen, Pomec, Inventory, Puchasing, Cost Control and Accounting and able to cut work time (in making reports) to 70% so that staff can take advantage of the time other things that are more productive than wasting a lot of time just to make a few reports.

To make it easier for Hotel Managers or owners to oversee daily hotel operations and evaluate the progress of hotel receipts / revenues so that appropriate and fast decisions can be taken to continue increasing hotel revenues.