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Multimedia and Software

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Hardware & Networking

Includes structured Cabling System, Wireless Network, Network Equipment, PC-Peripherals, Servers, Mass Storage System.

Mobile Application

In recent years, mobile applications have become a phenomenal trend and evolved from various major business fields in the world with a variety of implementations. And not only large companies use mobile applications for various purposes, ranging from product development, customer service, mobile-based product marketing, to customer database collection. The mobile application offers an acceleration, ease and convenience for its users, of course this will bring a big change that provides a benefit in human life.

 This happens because of two important factors that influence technology factors that have innovated and developed rapidly and the increasing smartphone market in the world, which offers smartphone devices at a more affordable price.

Consumer behavior factors that have changed where the results of the analysis show that mobile application users spend an average of 2.5 hours in their activities.

In the near future, mobile applications will become a standard and fundamental component of any business, the question is whether you are more innovative now and building a digital strategy? And now PT. Infinite Smart Solution has made an innovation and new breakthrough in which the nation's technology works, can provide a solution so that all business people can have a feature-rich mobile application, this will bring an innovative and modern change and rich in digital strategies that will provide a lot benefits to customers.

When your business / business has a mobile application this will bring an innovative and modern change and a rich digital strategy that will provide many benefits to customers.